Impetigo: Addressing A Highly Contagious Skin Condition With Homeopathy

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, by Sonam Kushner, Certified Classical Homeopath, Northport Wellness Center Affiliate Practitioner

Impetigo: Addressing A Highly Contagious Skin Condition With Homeopathy

Impetigo, a highly contagious skin condition, usually occurs on the face, neck and hands of young children and infants. Caused by two bacteria—Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus aureus, treatment depends on which bacteria are causing the impetigo. Some infections may be healed with alternative or holistic health treatments found at your local convenience store while others may require alternative therapy, such as homeopathy.

Complications related to impetigo can include deeper skin infections. Oozing blisters that result in honey colored crusts are a typical symptom of impetigo. Mild impetigo infections can be treated by careful cleansing and over-the-counter antibiotic ointment, and by removing the crusts with a vinegar solution. In addition, oral antibiotics may be prescribed.

This little five-year-old girl presented with a diagnosis of impetigo. Her mother had also noticed, before the impetigo - that she had cracked and dry skin behind her ears. Emotionally, she was very sensitive, any kind of admonition or suggestion to do something differently, would result in her eyes tearing up.impetigo.jpg

In homeopathy, we have a remedy called Graphites. As described by James Tyler Kent, one of the old school homeopaths, Graphites is made from the finest English drawing pencils.

In the Graphites remedy picture, or what we call the Materia Medica, we find eruptions oozing a sticky, discharge, which dry into honey colored crusts. In the picture of this little five-year-old girl, we can see these crusts. Emotionally, a Graphites person can tend to have changeable moods, being anxious or angry about little things, sad or fearful, and also very sentimental. Another skin symptom is cracks behind the ears. 

In homeopathy, when we are considering a remedy to help, we like to look at the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically. In this case, this little girl clearly had both the physical and the mental/emotional Graphites themes. The remedy was given to her once a day, for three days. By the third day, her skin had started to clear up - and by the fifth day post remedy, it was all gone and her mood was much improved.

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